5 Home Care Assistance FAQs

5 Home Care Assistance FAQs

For seniors wanting to maintain an independent lifestyle, but who need a little extra assistance with certain things, home care assistance is a great option. In-home care services help ensure seniors are living a healthy, safe lifestyle while maintaining independent living. Many people have questions regarding home care; here are 5 commonly asked questions regarding home care assistance: 5 Home Care Assistance FAQs

What types of home care assistance are available?

Home care encompasses a range of in-home care services that can benefit many seniors who are living independently. A few especially beneficial in-home care services are available to seniors through Pinnacle Home Care. These include in-home skilled nurses, home health aide services, homemaking services, and companion care. Everyone has different needs and therefore can benefit from different services.

Are skilled nurses licensed?

Yes, skilled nurses are licensed & registered nurses. Skilled nurses visit seniors on a regular basis, typically weekly or biweekly, to provide specialized medical care. This is an incredibly beneficial service for seniors who desire independent living but who require additional medical care. It also helps reduce the burden on family members who are acting as primary caregivers and can give peace of mind that a licensed nurse is working in-home to ensure the individual’s needs are properly cared for.

What does a home health aide do?

Home health aides are unlicensed professionals who carry out set duties as directed by a licensed medical professional. These duties can include reminders to take medication (or assistance administering medication), an extremely important aspect of daily life. Home health aides also can assist with hygiene tasks such as bathing, grooming & dressing, feeding, mobility assistance, toileting, and more. Physical assistance may or may not be needed for some seniors who are living independently, and home health care services in Roseville MN can help day-to-day life go more smoothly.

Do homemakers provide transportation?

Yes, homemakers can provide and/or arrange transportation for seniors. This can be extremely beneficial for seniors who can no longer drive independently or who don’t have a safe and reliable ride situation. This helps seniors have reliable access to independent shopping trips, appointments, social outings, and more. Homemaker services also can include household tasks like cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, shopping, and more.

What is companion care?

For seniors who are living independently and don’t often see family and/or friends, this can lead to a lonely lifestyle. Companion care is a home care service that has companions make regular visits to seniors, giving seniors someone to talk & engage with, play games or watch movies with, support daily routines, or even go on outings with. Companions often become trusted friends; companion care is a great non-medical care service that can improve a person’s quality of life through human connection.

If you have further questions about home care services in Roseville MN, contact Pinnacle Home Care. We are proud to have home care services available to help seniors maintain an independent and safe lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about in-home care services in Roseville MN.

5 Home Care Assistance FAQs

5 Home Care Assistance FAQs