How we work

Fast, simple and respectful

Seniors and their families often have a lot of questions when starting in-home care. That’s why we developed a straightforward process that makes it easy to begin care quickly while ensuring the services we deliver continually meet your individual needs. Here’s how our process works:

Free in-home consultation

When you reach out to Pinnacle, we will set up a time for an in-home or virtual consultation. This consultation is completely free and will involve the senior who will be receiving services, their family and members of our care team. We will discuss your goals, what kind of services you’re looking for and how we can best support you and your family. During that meeting, one of our registered nurses will conduct a head-to-toe assessment to help create a plan that meets your unique needs. After discussing all the options for type and frequency of service, the entire group will decide on a care plan that works for everyone involved. We will then reach out to your primary physician and receive verbal orders to start care. From there we can start delivering services that empower independence and high quality of life.

Quality in-home care

Depending on your individual care plan, one of our trained professionals will start making weekly, biweekly or monthly visits to your home. This caregiver will have the full support of our medical team and will work in tandem with your established physicians and other care providers. Throughout your time with us, seniors and family members will have an open line of communication to members of our team in case any questions or issues arise. We strive to always deliver care in a way that is personal, respectful and helps seniors achieve their goals.

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Ongoing support

Our caregivers will routinely monitor any health conditions and our care team will conduct a regular review of services to make sure seniors are always receiving the best care possible. This helps ensure that the services we provide are in line with your needs and can be adjusted at any time. Our goal is to help seniors remain in their homes as long as possible, and our ongoing support and service helps make that a reality.

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