Homemaker Services

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“Home” is the most important part of in-home care, and our homemaker services help ensure seniors have a safe, clean and healthy place to live. By helping with routine tasks around the house, homemakers take the pressure off families and seniors so they can focus on other things. This allows seniors to stay in their home longer and maintain the independence that is so important to them.

Homemaker services have been shown to help reduce infections by helping to ensure a sanitary, hygienic environment. Not only that, but having someone come regularly to the home gives families confidence that their loved one isn’t living in isolation. Homemakers often become a trusted friend who provides as much emotional support as they do practical support managing everyday activities.

Our homemaker services include:

  • Assistance to schedule appointments (Arrange activities with family/friends, transportation, provide reminders for appointments, etc.)
  • Personal laundry (Washing, drying, folding and putting clothes away)
  • Meal preparation (Breakfast, lunch, dinner preparation and clean up, cutting up food, preparation of modified diets, etc.)
  • Shopping (Assist with or complete routine shopping, seasonal or special occasion shopping, preparing of lists, cutting coupons, etc.)
  • Transportation (Arrange or provide transportation)

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