The benefits of home companion care

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As people age, they can lose their ability to do things. Simple tasks like mowing the lawn, managing bills and taking care of pets can become much more difficult than they once were. These difficulties can stem from problems with working memory and mobility, which tend to deteriorate as people grow older.

Fortunately, hiring a companion care service can help seniors with their daily responsibilities while allowing them to stay in their homes. That way, they don’t have to move into a nursing home or rely on family members to care for them. These services can allow seniors to live their lives and place those duties in the hands of trained care professionals.

What is companion care?

Typically, companion care is for older adults who are still generally healthy but start to feel the declining effects of aging. Companion care professionals usually come into the person’s home and help them with yard work, bill payments, medications and grocery shopping, among other tasks. Companion care professionals can also work in assisted living facilities. They primarily provide in-home care for those who request it. They can help those who live alone and those who live with a spouse.

Different types of companion care

Because everyone’s needs vary, there are several types of companion care professionals. A few examples:

  • In-home care: In-home care typically involves brief visits by a professional. These professionals can help their clients cook meals, clean themselves, help give them medications and take them to appointments.
  • Live-in care: This service may be crucial for those who qualify for assisted living placement. In most cases, a live-in care provider will work dayslong shifts to help clients keep up with nearly every aspect of their daily responsibilities.
  • Hospice companion care: When a senior nears the end of their life, hospice companion care can provide them and their families with much needed support. Typically, hospice companion professionals visit clients’ homes to maintain them. This can allow family members to spend time with their dying loved ones during their final moments.

Figuring out the type of care your loved one needs isn’t easy. At Pinnacle Services, we understand this because we’ve seen it all. We can work to establish a companion care plan that fits your situation. Just give us a call today.

Health benefits of companion care

Older adults may have a harder time accepting change. Many don’t want to leave their lives behind to live in a nursing home facility. Companion care can reduce the mental anguish that usually comes with that change. Here are a few other ways it can benefit your elderly loved one:

  • It can provide them with comfort: Sometimes, the thought of moving to a new environment, like a nursing home, can make people anxious. Uprooting their lives to go somewhere unfamiliar can be frightening and daunting to many, even if they can’t handle the upkeep of their current home. Companion care can alleviate stress and anxiety and allow seniors to remain where they’re comfortable.
  • It can allow them to maintain their independence: Aside from the anxiety, some people don’t like the idea of living in close quarters with strangers. Companion care provides people the ability to maintain that sense of independence while letting someone else take care of their life.
  • It can put family and loved ones at ease: Caring for elderly loved ones can place substantial burdens on family members. According to a recent report, there are nearly 43 million unpaid caregivers in America. When family members must act as caretakers, it can negatively impact their mental health and lead to burnout. Having a companion care professional can reduce family and other loved ones’ responsibility to provide services and leave it to a professional.

Pinnacle Services is here to help

We know you’re doing everything you can to help your elderly loved one. But sometimes, you have to take care of yourself first before you can care for them. You can leave the tough stuff to us. At Pinnacle Services, we work with you and your elderly loved ones to ensure they get the quality home care they deserve.