Home Care Agency in Roseville MN | How can I help my parents when I don’t live nearby?

Home Care Agency in Roseville MN
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How can I help my parents when I don’t live nearby?

Taking care of an elderly loved one can be emotionally demanding. They might need extra help with their daily tasks both in and outside their home. But what do you do when you no longer live near your parents? How can you still help? Among the numerous decisions you will be faced with, the care provider you choose is one of the most important ones. If you want to learn more about a Home Care Agency in Roseville MN, reach out to Pinnacle Home Care

Nursing Options

By using a skilled nurse on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, you can ensure that your parent adequate assistance. Skilled nurses are licensed, registered nurses who can provide specialized medical care when assisting your parents. They can even speak with your parents primary physician or other medical professional about symptoms they notice. All in all, they are a great advocate for your parents health and can help them through any medical issues that may arise.

Home Health Aide

When you live far away, Home health aides are another great option for your parents. They can provide assistance with any daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing. They can also help with meal assistance, and mobility aide. A home health aide is an unlicensed professional who can carry out duties as directed by a licensed medical professional. They are a great tool in ensuring your parents continue to live in a safe, clean, and healthy environment. In addition, they can monitor your parents health and check on any medical conditions that may require additional care.

Homemaker Services

A Homemaker is great at ensuring that all the gears keep turning in your parents life. The little things like laundry, cleaning, appointment reminders, and so on can be hard to remember- but homemakers make it their job to help with these tasks. Homemakers can take the pressure off of you or other caregivers, and give you more time to focus on the things you care about. Homemakers can even improve the health of your parents; it’s been proven that these services reduce infections by helping to maintain sanitary environments.

Companion Care

Maintaining social relationships only gets harder as we age, but companion care helps make sure that your parents still get their fill. If your mind and spirit are healthy, your body often follows. Companions can regularly visit your parents and provide an ear to listen with and a shoulder to cry on. They will often bring your parent to some kind of lunch or other activity. This ensures that your parents, even if they are normally confined at home, can still get out and about on a regular basis.

Meal Preparation

Your parents may be too old or too sick to cook for themselves. They need someone who can prepare meals that are full of nutrients and taste good at the same time. This will not only help your parents stay healthy, but it will also make them feel better about themselves. Maybe your parent has a mobility issue, or a memory problem that makes meal preparation difficult. By using a meal preparation service, you can ensure that your parent still gets the nutrition they need to continue living life to the fullest.

Grooming Assistance

Assistance with grooming can range anywhere from shaving, to makeup, to bathing assistance. This is a very personal service, and one that may be especially important to your parent. If they are having trouble getting dressed or bathed, it can make them feel like they have lost some of their independence. They may also feel embarrassed about being unable to do these things on their own. Without you nearby to care for them, it’s important to still find a way that they can feel their best. Like all of these assistive tools, they help your parent to maintain a level of freedom, security, health, and autonomy that they wouldn’t be able to without help.

Medication Reminders

Depending on the level of care you wish to provide your parents, it may be worth your time to set medication reminders. These can be alarms set on yours, or your parents phones that alert either of you when medication should be taken. For those with memory issues, it may be worthwhile to seek out a skilled nurse option to have someone check in on a regular basis to ensure your parents are taking the necessary medication.

If you need care for an elderly family member, or for yourself, talk with an elder care specialist first. An in home care provider may be able to provide the help you need and make your life easier.

Considering the information provided above, you are ready to begin your search for the perfect fit for in-home care for an aging loved one. Take your time, review each of the important considerations, and choose a caregiver that will be able to provide the best quality of care in your home. When it comes to in-home care, Pinnacle Home Care is here to help you with Skilled NursingCompanion Care, Home Health Aide, Homemaker Services, and more.

Home Care Agency in Roseville MN

When it comes to in-home care, Pinnacle Home Care is here to help

Home Care Agency in Roseville MN

Home Care Agency in Roseville MN