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How can I remind my parents to take their medication?

You might be asking yourself this question. You’re proactive and you’ve noticed that your parents need extra care. Maybe your dad has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Or maybe your mother is having trouble getting around and could use some help around the house. Regardless of what’s going on in your family, chances are that there’s one member who needs a little extra help these days. If you want to learn more about Home Care in Edina MN, reach out to Pinnacle Home Care.

The good news is that there are many skilled home healthcare providers out there who can help your parents stay at home instead of moving into a nursing home. And you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you found the help you need to make sure they take their medication on time and otherwise maintain their health as they age. However, if you’re still not sure about home care, take a moment to read some of our tips below. 

Organize your parent’s medication schedule

The first step in helping your parents is to organize their medication schedule and make a list of all the medications they take. If your parent is on multiple medications, it can be hard to remember which one is for what and when it should be taken. You can use a calendar or a pill organizer if you have one available, but many times these won’t be enough.

If you’re concerned about helping your parents manage their medication schedules, consider talking with them about hiring home care services. The benefit of in home care is that the responsibility of caretaking is given to someone who can commit all their focus, attention and time towards maintaining your parents health.

Keep their medications organized with a pill dispenser

If you’re concerned about your parents taking their medication on time, consider investing in a pill dispenser. These are small containers that can be filled with your parent’s medications and taken out one at a time when needed. Sometimes pill dispensers use an automated system to dispense a pill on time each time medication is needed. Other times, a pill dispenser is as simple as a labeled container for each day of the week.

Set up alarms to remind them when it’s time for their medicine

If your parent is having trouble remembering to take their medication, consider setting up an alarm on their phone or tablet. Apps also allow you to set up reminders for the day before or after their medication needs to be taken, or can remind your parents day-of which medications should be taken. Seniors with memory issues may find it helpful to have medication reminders because this takes the burden of memorization—and thus forgetting to take pills—off their shoulders and puts it elsewhere.

Work with their doctor to create a schedule

It can greatly help seniors if you create a schedule for medications, and stick to it. If your parent needs multiple pills throughout the day, try to space them out evenly so they’re not taking too many at once. If they need to take medication before bed each night, set up an alarm on their phone or tablet so they don’t forget! In home care assistance can also help by not only reminding your parents to take medication, but ensuring that they do so through helpful supervision.

Take over the prescription refills to make sure they always have a supply on hand

When you take over the task of refilling prescriptions, it will ensure that your parents are always well-stocked on their medications. You can either call and make the appointment, or go to the pharmacy yourself. Be sure to ask for a reminder card that will alert them when it’s time for another refill so they don’t run out unexpectedly! If your parent needs more than one medication at once, be sure they don’t forget about any of them—and always keep copies of any prescriptions in case they need emergency help.

Make taking their medication routine

The best way to combat memory issues is through routine. This is especially important if your parent has to take multiple medications throughout the day. You can help them by making sure that they have a schedule that is easy to follow and understand, so they always know when it’s time for their next dose.

Seek Home Care Assistance

If your parent needs more than just a reminder, they may need to hire home care assistance. Home care workers can help with everything from medication reminders to preparing meals and ensuring that their house is safe and clean. They can also assist with bathing, dressing, eating and other daily activities. If you’d like assistance with caring for your aging parent at home, call Pinnacle Home Care today!

Whether your loved one is facing a common ailment, chronic condition, or terminal illness with their care needs, the best way to take the stress from all of this off of you is to find solutions that can be managed and handled safely in-home. By doing so, you can look after your own health as well. When it comes to in-home care, Pinnacle Home Care is here to help you with Skilled NursingCompanion Care, Home Health Aide, Homemaker Services, and more.

Home Care in Edina MN

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Home Care in Edina MN

Home Care in Edina MN