What new nurses need to know about in-home nursing jobs

Do You Need In-Home Nursing?
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Nurses like you are needed now more than ever. You may think your only options are working in hospitals or nursing homes. However, in-home care has become more prevalent in recent years. More older adults are voicing their desires to keep their independence and their property, even when it becomes too much to maintain. According to the AARP, most older adults want to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible.

Nurses can benefit from in-home care too. Sometimes, it can be exhausting staying in one building for too long, especially if you work long hours or work graveyard shifts. But by working as an in-home nurse, you can move from place to place, allowing you to be there for your patients when they need you most.

What skills are necessary to be an in-home nurse?

If you’ve worked as a nurse in a hospital or assisted living setting, you may already have many of the skills and qualifications necessary. There are some learning curves, but they’re nothing too out of the ordinary. For instance, your typical day may require a little more flexibility than that of a regular nurse. But, by planning ahead as best you can, it can help keep all of your patients’ schedules in line. A quick call the morning of or the night before visits can help you support your patients and give them the proper care.

In-home nurses are also responsible for preventative care. They can practice preventative care by watching for early signs and symptoms of potential health problems, so their patients don’t wind up in the hospital. Preventative care isn’t just about monitoring for potential issues, it can also include managing a patient’s medications and keeping track of their dietary needs.

The benefits of being an in-home nurse

Despite the minor learning curves, there are still many advantages of being an in-home nurse. It can be just as or even more rewarding than working in a clinical setting. Here are a few of the perks that come with the job:

  • Flexibility based on caseload: Because in-home nurses have multiple designated patients, this helps give them some control over their day-to-day settings. Each patient’s needs may vary throughout the day but limiting how many they take on can allot in-home nurses with a little more certainty and predictability than they would get in a hospital.
  • Patient preference: Nurses who work in hospitals or other clinical settings can be tasked with countless patients, especially if their organization is understaffed. Unfortunately, this can leave these nurses dealing with situations they’re not always equipped to handle. But, as an in-home nurse, you can have more say in the types of patients you work with. For instance, if you’re a nurse practitioner and specialize in gerontology, you can choose to work primarily with elderly patients.
  • Developing deeper connections with patients: Hospital settings don’t always enable nurses to build strong patient relationships. But, by working as an in-home nurse, you can put names and faces to those you serve. When you know their story, their medical history and their current troubles, you can better understand how to help them. Older adults especially appreciate this. Not only can in-home nurses provide the care they need, but they may also help them cope with loneliness and isolation, as some may not get to see their families regularly.

Allowing you to provide care from anywhere

Nurses now have more autonomy in their careers than ever before. And as older adults want to stay home longer, caring for these patients can provide new opportunities for both parties.

At Pinnacle Home Care, we are looking for skilled and talented nurses like yourself to aid those who need it most. We provide our staff with an inclusive and supportive culture that serves both our patients and employees. With the right skills and attitude, we think you’d make a great addition to our team. If you want to learn more about our company and our career opportunities, check us out on our website.