What to expect from homemaker and companion care for seniors

Benefits of Home Health Services
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Not everyone receiving in-home care has a serious medical condition that requires constant monitoring. Some seniors just need a little bit of assistance going about their daily routine, or even just someone to talk to. Companion care and homemaker services help seniors maintain their independence and have been linked to better health outcomes. But welcoming a stranger into your home to care for you or a loved one can often bring some mixed feelings. To help make the process more comfortable and help you decide if these types of services are right for you, here’s what to expect when contracting for homemaker or companion care for seniors.

How do I set up homemaker or companion services?

When you first contact an in-home service provider, the agency will schedule a consultation to see what kind of services will best meet your needs. These meetings can be done in the home or virtually. At that meeting, you will be introduced to your care team who will help you develop a care plan based on your individual goals, wants and needs.

After the initial consultation, you may be able to meet the person who will be coming into your home. When this is not possible, you’ll be provided information about the person so you can feel confident your caregiver is someone you can trust. Once all the contracts are signed, care can begin, typically on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

What does a homemaker or companion do?

Homemakers and in-home companions are not licensed health professionals who specialize in medical care. But they can still provide an invaluable service that allows seniors to stay in their homes and live more fulfilling lives. At Pinnacle Home Care, our companion services include:

  • Engaging in conversation
  • Playing music and watching movies
  • Preparing meals
  • Supporting daily routines
  • Reading, reviewing mail and writing letters
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders

Our homemaker services include:

  • Assistance scheduling appointments
  • Arranging or providing transportation
  • Doing laundry
  • Preparing meals
  • Assisting or completing routine shopping

These lists are by no means exhaustive, and the general responsibilities of your care provider will be confirmed during your initial consultation. Most agencies will conduct a periodic review of your care, so if your needs change over time, the services you receive or the frequency of in-home visits can be adjusted as well.

What will the experience be like?

Homemakers and companions are compassionate people who want to help others live their best lives. They have received training on how to approach care in a respectful manner and understand they are guests in your home. Many seniors form a strong bond with their caregiver, considering them a true friend that can be counted on to help them maintain their independence. For families, knowing there is someone to check on loved ones brings comfort and confidence that independent living is the right choice.

How will I pay for care?

Paying for in-home care is a significant concern for many families, but there are many options available that can help make it a reality. Unfortunately, Medicare typically does not cover homemaker services or companion care, but other insurance providers may. Check with your individual insurance provider to see what kind of services are covered by your plan. You can also pay out of pocket, often on a per-visit basis. If paying for services feels like a barrier, talk with your care team and they will work to create a financial plan that fits your budget.

Aging in place is the primary goal for many seniors and their families, and homemaker services and companion care help make that possible. By providing support in a respectful and compassionate way, homemakers and companions can alleviate the burden on families while helping seniors lead rich, full lives.

Interested in starting homemaker or companion care for you or a loved one? Contact Pinnacle Home Care today to schedule your free consultation and see why we’re the in-home leader in the Twin Cities metro area.