Do You Need In-Home Skilled Nursing?

Do You Need In-Home Skilled Nursing?

If you find yourself going to the doctor or hospital much more than you’d like, then in-home nursing could be just what your doctor ordered (or at least part of the treatment). Home care agencies are an excellent solution for seniors who want to live independently but who need additional care. Here are a few signs that you could benefit from skilled nursing services from a home care agency: Do You Need In-Home Skilled Nursing?

Your family is worried about you.

Your family is worried about you. They are concerned about your safety, health, and mental health. They worry that you may be unable to care for yourself or others. You need to deeply consider these concerns and whether home nursing might be a good option for you.

You have a chronic illness.

Chronic illness is a condition that lasts longer than 3 months and usually goes on for years. Examples of chronic illnesses include diabetes, asthma, cancer, heart disease, and arthritis. You may have a chronic illness if you feel tired often or have to take medication several times each day to control it. A person who has a chronic illness may benefit from help at home to manage their condition because it can be hard to do simple tasks like dressing themselves or getting food from the refrigerator without assistance. If you have a chronic illness and no one else in your household can provide care for you when needed (for example, if your loved ones work outside the home), then hiring an in-home nurse might be necessary for safety reasons alone.

You want to live independently while getting the care you need.

If you need to be in the hospital a lot, but you don’t want to be, then home care is for you! Skilled nurses and home health aides can help with a variety of things right at home, including toileting assistance. Professionals can perform transfers out of the bed and into your wheelchair or toilet chair to give you privacy during urination and bowel movements.

Home care agencies also offer homemaker services that can benefit independently living seniors when it comes to household tasks like cooking, meal prepping, cleaning, and more. There are several services available to benefit independently living people who need additional assistance from companion care to skilled nurses with specific training to help your unique health and situation.

If you or someone you love needs extra care, consider in-home nursing.

Nurses are trained professionals who can provide emotional support and physical assistance when necessary. If you or someone you love needs extra care, consider in-home nursing. Nursing is a great option for those with chronic illnesses, who need help with daily living tasks such as bathing or dressing, managing & administering medications, providing health assessments, and so much more.

In-home nursing is an excellent option for those who don’t have the money or desire to go into a nursing home. To find out if home care services are right for you, contact us today at Pinnacle Home Care. We are your local home care agency in Golden Valley MN and offer skilled nursing services as well as other home care services to benefit you & your unique situation.

Do You Need In-Home Skilled Nursing?

Do You Need In-Home Skilled Nursing?