Elder Care Minneapolis MN | Types of Home Care Services For Seniors

Elder Care Minneapolis MN

Is your elderly family member in need of some assistance when it comes to daily living? When people start to get older, they will eventually get to a point in their lives when they will start needing additional care. While elders have traditionally been put in senior facilities, such as nursing homes, once they start to have difficulties living at home by themselves, home care services have become a popular alternative to nursing home care for many seniors. Here are the different types of home care services to know about: Elder Care Minneapolis MN

Home Health Care Services

Seniors who require personal and medical-related assistance can receive help from a home health care professional. Home health aides are unlicensed individuals who do tasks as assigned by a licensed medical expert (RN or LPN). This frequently includes prescription reminders, assistance with personal hygiene, mobility assistance, body positioning, general medical assistance, and ensuring seniors live in a safe, clean, and healthy environment.

Homemaking Services

Homemaker services are suitable for elders who want frequent assistance with their everyday chores and activities. Homemakers can help with a variety of tasks such as shopping, laundry, meal preparation, and transportation. These aides may or may not provide medical care. Many families utilize homemaking services for a loved one who requires assistance with daily living activities.

Companion Care Services

Companion care services are appropriate for seniors who live independently and don’t require much support with their everyday routines. Those who require companion care services frequently live alone and feel isolated in their daily lives. Home care companions provide companionship and social outlets for seniors who are lonely and live in isolation. A companion care aide may simply spend time with the client and engage with them, read to them, participate in the client’s interests, or provide supervision. Companion care services are also an option for persons in the early stages of memory loss who do not require much support, but can’t be left alone.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nurses are qualified, registered nurses who often make weekly or biweekly visits to elders. They offer specialist medical treatment and can consult with your regular physician or other medical professionals on your care team about symptoms that the typical person may overlook. Having a true healthcare professional working directly in the house gives elders and their families peace of mind that all medical needs are being met properly. Medication administration (including injections), urinary catheter management, health assessments, and other treatments are provided by skilled nurses.

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Elder Care Minneapolis MN

Elder Care Minneapolis MN

Elder Care Minneapolis MN