Hiring a Home Health Aide (Part 3)

Hiring a Home Health Aide

Many seniors living independently can benefit from in-home care services. A home health aide can provide many services for individuals wanting to continue independent living, but who have a hard time with certain tasks. Parts 1 & 2 of this blog series noted several great reasons to consider hiring a home health aide. Here are 3 more considerations when it comes to getting elder care services in St Anthony MN: Hiring a Home Health Aide

Assistance With Self-Care

Self-care is important at every stage in life; it makes you feel good about yourself. However, many people start to struggle with self-care tasks after a while. A home health aide is able to help seniors with self-care. For example, skin care is an important aspect of caring for yourself; home health aides can provide assistance with bathing, moisturizing, foot soaks, and more to help you feel well. Don’t put your needs on the back burner; self-care is an important area of wellness and can contribute to improved physical and mental health. Contact your local home care agency to learn more.

In-Home Health Care Tasks

Skilled in-home nursing is a great option for many seniors. Skilled nursing services may include medication management & administration, health assessments, diabetic education & management, house safety evaluations, ostomy teaching & management, catheter management, and further education regarding medications, diseases, treatments, and more. Furthermore, home health aides can perform delegated tasks to ensure your health is on the right track like blood pressure checks, blood glucose monitoring assistance, nebulizer assistance, and more. Talk with your local home care agency to find out how a home health aide or skilled nurse can benefit your individual needs and unique situation.

Do You Need In-Home Care?

Hiring a home health care agency is important for many seniors living independently who require additional assistance. Many elderly folks don’t want to move into an assisted living facility or care center, especially when they’ve been living in their current residence for several years. Hiring a home care agency for home care services is often the safest way to maintain independent living. There are several signs that you could benefit from in-home care, and each situation is unique. There are many services offered by your local home care agency such as companion care, homemaker services, home health aide services, and in-home skilled nursing.

There are so many great benefits of hiring a senior care agency to assist with senior home care in St Anthony MN. At Pinnacle Home Care, we are proud to offer several in-home services to benefit your particular needs, as well as help promote safe and independent living. To learn more, contact us, your local elder care agency in St Anthony MN.

Hiring a Home Health Aide

Hiring a Home Health Aide