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Combating mobility assistance stigmas

Whether you’re young or old, you’ve probably encountered some mobility assistance stigma at one point or another. The truth is, many of us have or will need some form of mobility assistance at some point in our lives. From crutches, to wheelchairs, to canes, to caregivers, all types of mobility assistance ensure that people retain their independence for as long as possible. Nothing should stop anyone from enjoying their life for as long as they can, including mobility assistance stigma. For some of us, mobility assistance requires in home support. If you want to find a Home Care Agency in New Hope MN, reach out to Pinnacle Home Care.

We all need a little help sometimes

Did you know that just over 6.8 million Americans use some sort of assistive mobility device? These devices can come in many forms: wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and more. Assistive mobility devices are available for purchase at most major retailers, including mass-market stores such as Walmart and Target. And yet, there’s still a stigma around mobility assistance. It’s due to this social stigma that can prevent many from seeking help when they need it, and feeling guilty when they do. At Pinnacle Home Care, we hope to combat stigmas around mobility assistance, and help our seniors age with grace and confidence.

Overcoming isolation

For many, requiring mobility assistance can feel isolating. Many seniors feel ashamed to be seen with a walker or wheelchair, fearing that others will judge them as being “old” or “disabled.” But the truth is, mobility assistance can help seniors live longer, healthier lives. And for those who need it most — people who are recovering from surgery, injury or illness — using a wheelchair can help them regain their independence faster. In addition, it’s not just seniors that require mobility assistance. People of all ages, at many point in their lives will require one form of mobility assistance or another. How many people do you know who’ve broken or sprained some part of their leg? There’s a good chance they needed crutches- a mobility aid- to help them while they recovered.

Focusing on self-care

The bottom line with mobility aids is that it’s important to be aware of how you, or someone you know might need one. By taking care of your body and making sure that your health is at its best, you’ll likely avoid the need for mobility assistance in the first place. But if you do find yourself needing crutches or a wheelchair, it’s important to know what kind of options are out there so you can make an informed choice about which ones are right for you. There’s no point moping at home simply because you don’t want to be seen using a mobility aid, or needing mobility assistance. These tools can help you live a happier life, for a longer period of time.

Keeping family involved

As long as they are willing, you can always reach out to family for support with your mobility assistance needs. They can either help you themselves, or help you find an in home caregiver to offer you the support you need to live an independent lifestyle. If you have children, it’s important that they know about your condition and how it affects you. They may be able to help out around the house or with other tasks as needed. You can also teach them basic first aid so they’re prepared in case something happens while they are caring for you without any assistance.

Accepting help

The important thing is to always know when you should accept help. Every day of our lives, we give and accept help from those around us. Mobility assistance is no different! Accepting help is a sign of strength, not weakness. It means that you’re willing to accept the support and assistance of others when they offer it. You should always be prepared for someone who wants to lend a hand, but don’t let them take over completely! If you need some time alone, politely ask your caregiver if they can leave for a few hours so you can recharge.

We understand that independence is important, that’s why we prefer in home care options. Home Health Aides, Homemakers, and Companion Care Specialists can help you stay at home when you need to, and get out and about when you want to. Mobility assistance can be customized to your needs and can include care from a professional caregiver or trained, skilled nurse. You can also opt for personal assistance devices like walkers, wheelchairs and shower chairs, as well as other equipment that helps you get around safely and comfortably.

Hiring a home health aide to help with mobility assistance is a great option for many people who want to age in place. When it comes to in-home care, Pinnacle Home Care is here to help you with Skilled NursingCompanion Care, Home Health Aide, Homemaker Services, and more.

Home Care Agency in New Hope MN

Home Care Agency in New Hope MN

Home Care Agency in New Hope MN