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Loneliness is one of the most common problems that affects the elderly. Aging brings a lot of challenges that can lead to isolation and loneliness, such as the deaths of spouses and close friends, the relocation of family members, and the development of chronic illnesses or ailments. Loneliness can also lead to a number of health issues in the elderly. Isolation and loneliness can have a variety of negative physical and mental effects on the elderly. Here are some of the harmful impacts of isolation and loneliness on the elderly that you should be aware of: Home Health Care Services Minneapolis MN

Increased Risk of Health Issues

Loneliness not only has an effect on one’s mental health, but it also can have an impact on one’s physical health and wellbeing as well. Multiple studies have found a correlation between loneliness and poor physical health among seniors. Elders who are lonely and isolated are more likely to have poor physical and/or mental health. While the links between loneliness and health are still being studied, findings show that loneliness has a negative impact on one’s overall health and wellbeing.

Higher Risk of Mortality

Another negative impact of loneliness on seniors is that seniors who suffer from isolation and loneliness tend to have a higher risk of death. This is likely due to the fact that seniors who live alone or have few social ties are less likely to seek medical assistance when they need it. This means that seniors who are socially isolated have a much higher chance of dying than those who don’t suffer from isolation and loneliness.

Vulnerable To Elder Abuse

Research also suggests that there is a link between social isolation and a higher frequency of elder abuse. Researchers aren’t sure if this is because isolated adults are more likely to be abused, or if it’s because abusers want to isolate the elderly from others to reduce the danger of discovery. This susceptibility, regardless of the reason, is cause for alarm.

If you have an elderly loved one who you believe is lonely or isolated, you should consider hiring home care services for them, such as companion care and/or homemaking services, or another sort of home health care service.

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Home Health Care Services Minneapolis MN

Home Health Care Services Minneapolis MN

Home Health Care Services Minneapolis MN