How to Encourage Independence for Seniors (Part 3)

How to Encourage Independence for Seniors

Living independently is an important part of life for many seniors. There are several ways for families to encourage healthy independent living for their elderly loved ones. Parts 1 & 2 of this blog series noted that social opportunities, homemaker services, home health aides, home modifications, in-home care, and ensuring your loved one has choices are all ways to promote independence. Here are 3 more ways to encourage independence for seniors: How to Encourage Independence for Seniors

Utilize Companion Care

A great service for independent seniors is companion care. Companion care services embrace human connection, which is crucial for seniors, especially those who live daily in isolation or without regular contact with family and/or friends. This can ultimately be a very lonely lifestyle. Companions make regular visits with seniors and often become trusted friends, giving them someone to talk to and engage with. Certain circumstances can lead to an independent lifestyle becoming lonely, but companion care in St Anthony MN is a great way to build positive relationships. Human connection has even been shown to improve health outcomes for seniors, therefore companion care promotes good mental health for your loved ones.

Encourage Safe Mobility

A key part of staying healthy and independent is mobility. When a person loses mobility, it causes muscles to atrophy. This makes movement more challenging and leads to decreased independence. It’s important to speak with your loved one’s doctor and relevant medical professionals to determine what types of movement and exercise are suitable for them. Regular movement is typically encouraged daily to help improve mobility, increase bone strength & muscle, and promote independence. Remember it’s always important to speak with the doctor to ensure the exercise is safe and recommended. Having an in-home skilled nurse is a great way to communicate with medical professionals and advocate for your loved one’s health and wellness.

Get Home Care Services

Home care services can be incredibly beneficial for seniors who want to continue independent living. Having the opportunity to live independently is extremely important for many seniors, and home care services can help independent living go smoothly. Healthcare professionals that work directly in the home can give you the reassurance that your senior loved one is capable to live independently. There are several services that can benefit seniors who are living independently. Many seniors benefit from companion care services that foster genuine relationships and homemaker services that ensure a safe and clean place to live. What’s more, home health aides can carry out duties directed by licensed medical professionals to ensure your seniors’ health is adequately monitored, and skilled nursing can provide specialized medical care in an independent setting.

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How to Encourage Independence for Seniors

How to Encourage Independence for Seniors