Reasons to Hire a Home Health Aide (Part 1)

Reasons to Hire a Home Health Aide

For many seniors living independently, there are certain tasks that become more challenging with age. However, this doesn’t mean that living independently is no longer an option. Hiring a home health aide is a great option for seniors who require additional assistance with personal and/or household tasks. Here are 3 good reasons to hire a home health aide if you or someone you know is living independently and could use extra assistance: Reasons to Hire a Home Health Aide

Medication Assistance

Taking medication as directed is imperative. For some seniors, it’s beneficial to have additional assistance with medications. Home health aide services can provide assistance with self-administration of medications to promote safe independence. In addition to assistance administrating, a professional from a home care agency can also ensure any prescriptions and over-the-counter medications are stocked and ordered to ensure the dosages are always available. Home health aides can also ensure medication is taken at the proper time and stored correctly. It can be a major source of relief for families to have the assurance that a trusted professional is providing assistance with medication.

Help With Mobility

Living with certain aches and pains can not only be a source of discomfort but can hinder mobility. This can be extremely challenging for elderly folks who are continuing to live independently. A home health aide is trained to assist with various forms of mobility assistance, such as the use of a walker, wheelchair, cane, etc. It’s also important to ensure the home environment is safe and conducive to these forms of mobility. Furthermore, home health aide services can also be beneficial when it comes to transfers, such as manual or mechanical transfers to & from wheelchairs.

Trusted Professionals

Unfortunately, some families are hesitant to look into home health care services due to preconceived notions or the discomfort of having a stranger in the home. However, professional elder care agencies hire qualified and licensed professionals to work with seniors in a variety of capacities. Some elderly folks may benefit from in-home nursing services where a licensed registered nurse comes into the home to provide specialized services. Regardless of your or your family members individual needs, hiring a reputable elder care agency is a great way to ensure safe independent living.

There are many great reasons to hire a home health aide. To learn more about the services that could benefit you, contact Pinnacle Home Care. We are your local home care agency in Lauderdale MN and are proud to offer home care services such as companion care, homemaker services, home health aide services, and skilled nursing. Please contact us today to learn more and watch for Part 2 of this blog series.

Reasons to Hire a Home Health Aide

Reasons to Hire a Home Health Aide