Signs Your Aging Parent(s) Need Help (Part 2)

Signs Your Aging Parent(s) Need Help

Taking care of your family is probably one of the most important things in your life. However, it can become extremely challenging to take care of an aging parent who is living on their own. It can become very physically, mentally, and emotionally draining for the adult children of aging parents. There are several signs that your aging parent(s) can benefit from help beyond what they’re currently receiving. Part 1 of this blog series noted that struggling with meals (such as preparation, cooking, and clean-up), struggling with hygiene & grooming, and needing rides to appointments are all signs that your loved one could benefit from home care services. Here are 3 more signs your aging parent(s) need help: Signs Your Aging Parent(s) Need Help

Taking Medications

Medication management is a very common home health care service for elderly parents. Many elderly people have a very difficult time remembering to take their medications on time. They may also have difficulty taking pills that are too big or too small, as well as swallowing them without water or food. Help with medication management can be invaluable in preventing medication errors and ensuring that your parent’s prescriptions are being taken properly and efficiently. It also helps ensure the medications are stored properly and aren’t past their expiration. Assistance with self-administration of medications is an important service for many elderly adults.

Filling Perscriptions

Along with assistance with self-administration of medications, home health aides can help elderly adults ensure they are well-stocked with their prescriptions by regularly filling them. It can be extremely scary to realize you’re out of doses of important medication. Home health aides will monitor the medications and ensure there are doses ready to be administered and can fill the prescriptions as necessary. Your local home health care agency can help ensure your loved one is taking their medication as needed and ensure they won’t go without important medication. For many families, it is a huge relief knowing their elderly loved one(s) will always have their medication available.

Shopping and Errands

Many elderly adults no longer have access to driving a vehicle, even if they are living independently. Homemaker services from your local elder care agency can help your loved one with their transportation in getting around to various places. This is hugely beneficial for trips to the grocery store, social outings, shopping for gifts, church, and so much more. Moreover, hiring a person from a home care agency helps ensure that your aging parent will be able to enter and exit the vehicle safely as well as safely navigate through parking lots, stores, and more.

To learn more about home care services that can benefit you and your aging parent(s), contact Pinnacle Home Care. We are your local home care agency in Minneapolis MN and offer many services to benefit your loved ones as they age. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your family. Watch for Part 3 of this blog series for more information.

Signs Your Aging Parent(s) Need Help

Signs Your Aging Parent(s) Need Help