Signs Your Loved One Requires Elder Care (Part 2)

Signs Your Loved One Requires Elder Care

As we age, we naturally have different needs. Sometimes, those needs require additional assistance. Hiring an in-home care agency is a key solution for elderly individuals living independently but who need some extra care. Part 1 of this blog series noted that trouble managing medications, a new or worsening health condition, and needing assistance with hygiene tasks are all signs your loved one could benefit from home care services. Here are 3 more signs your aging loved one could benefit from in-home elder care: Signs Your Loved One Requires Elder Care

Trouble Making Meals

An important part of a person’s daily routine is getting the right nutrition and eating sustainable meals. Next time you’re at your loved one’s home, check their fridge and pantry; if they are low in stock with food and beverages, this is a major red flag that they need additional assistance. Homemaker services can be very helpful for ensuring your loved one is getting the food and nutrition they need on a daily basis. Homemakers can help cook meals (as well as help with feeding and clean-up) and develop a meal plan to ensure your loved one has meals throughout the week. Moreover, many elderly individuals have certain dietary plans that should be followed, so homemakers can ensure that the prepared meals consider the exact needs of your loved one.

Needing Mobility Assistance

Hiring a home health aide is extremely beneficial for seniors who require additional mobility assistance in their day-to-day lives. As a person ages, mobility often declines, and the use of a walker, wheelchair, cane, or other mobility aids may be necessary. Home health aide services can provide assistance with mobility and help ensure the environment is safe and easy to navigate considering the circumstances. Home health aide services also can help with body positioning and transfers, such as transfers to and from wheelchairs. It’s important to ensure safe and reliable mobility around the home, and hiring a home health aide can make it much more attainable for seniors who have certain mobility needs.

Declining Mental Health

Unfortunately, many elderly individuals suffer from declining mental health. This can happen for one or more reasons, as every individual has their own set of circumstances that impacts their mental health and mental state. For example, many elderly people who are living alone (especially those who don’t see family or friends often) are suffering from loneliness. This is especially the case when they don’t have access to their own transportation to go to the store, on social outings, or to church. A great service that many aging people benefit from is companion care. This is where a caring companion from an in-home health care agency comes to the senior’s home and engages in conversation, playing games, watching movies, going on outings, and more. Companions often become trusted friends and are a great way to alleviate the loneliness of day-to-day life living alone.

If your loved one is showing signs that they need additional care, contact Pinnacle Home Care. We are your local home care agency in Roseville MN and offer many services to benefit your aging loved one. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information or for a free consultation.

Signs Your Loved One Requires Elder Care

Signs Your Loved One Requires Elder Care