When Elderly Parents Need Help (Part 1)

When Elderly Parents Need Help

At one point or another, most children of aging parents must make a difficult decision. Sometimes, aging parents start to struggle to live independently. This could happen for one or more reasons, but ultimately, it’s important that elderly folks are getting the proper help they need. Moving into an assisted living home isn’t always the desired option, but help is needed nonetheless. Home care services are a great asset for seniors living independently. Here are a few indicators that your aging loved one may need care services: When Elderly Parents Need Help

Struggling With Meals

Meals and nutrition are an essential part of daily life. When your aging loved one is starting to struggle with preparing, cooking, eating, and cleaning up after meals, it’s a good idea to look into homemaker services. Homemaker services can assist with everything from meal preparation to clean-up after meals. A meal plan is a great way to make sure that your elderly parents eat healthy, well-balanced meals. The plan can be as simple as one or two dishes per day, or it could include a list of daily items such as fruit, meat, and vegetables. You may also choose to follow a specific diet, such as gluten-free or diabetic.

Hygiene and Grooming

If your parent needs help with daily hygiene and grooming, this can be a challenge for adult children of aging parents. Hiring a home health aide is a great way to ensure your loved one’s hygiene and grooming are taken care of regularly. Home care agencies can help elderly adults shower and/or bathe, brush their hair and teeth, skincare, replace toiletries, clean up any messes that are made during the bathing process, get dressed, and more. If your loved one is struggling to perform their regular hygiene and grooming tasks, consider hiring a home health aide.

Rides to Appointments

Your local home care agency can also provide elderly people with rides to their appointments, which is especially helpful if your aging parent needs assistance with transportation. This is often very beneficial for adult children who are busy during the day (often working during the week, when doctor appointments are available) and aren’t able to provide a ride for their parent(s) to their necessary medical appointments. Homemakers can help ensure your loved one feels comfortable and is ready to go to their appointment (proper hygiene and grooming have been taken care of, etc.) and get out the door on time to make the scheduled appointment.

If your aging parents or loved ones are starting to struggle with daily independent living, you have options. Pinnacle Home Care, your local home care agency in Minneapolis MN, offers many home care services to ensure your parent(s) can safely and successfully remain living independently. To learn more about home care services, or to talk with a professional regarding if your loved one may benefit from in-home care, don’t hesitate to contact us. Watch for Part 2 of this blog series for more information.

When Elderly Parents Need Help

When Elderly Parents Need Help